Getting Here:

The studio is in the heart of Leith. See our map to find exactly where we are!

Our Address:

Studio G6
Out of the Blue Drill Hall
Arts & Education Trust
36 Dalmeny Street
Edinburgh, EH6 8RG


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Cristyn King

 Originally from Canada, Cristyn has always been enthusiastic about fitness and felt the benefits from pilates immediately. After 10 years of practice she was inspired to share her passion with others.  With a further 7 years teaching experience, she truly believes that pilates is for everyone and considers pilates vital body maintenance. Cristyn loves teaching small mat classes in the studio which focus on strengthening posture and physique. She hopes her positive approach will motivate others to progress at any level.

The Classes - Pilates Matwork

Exercises are undertaken primarily on a mat and mostly lying down, using the body’s own weight for resistance. The classes are an hour long and aim to work the whole of the body, often using small equipment such as balls, bands and weights. Mats and equipment are provided. There are a maximum of 8 clients in each class and the format of the session is relaxed and friendly . You should leave feeling calm but revitalised .


Private Tuition

There are many reasons why some people prefer to have individual tuition. Anyone with a serious illness or condition is advised to have one to one classes tailored to their own needs. Also some people prefer to steer clear of group situations. Individual sessions usually take place in the studio in Leith where the necessary equipment is to hand but sessions elsewhere can also be arranged.


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